Have You Gone OM Yet?

Going Om is inspired by the spirit of the Himalayan mountains. The serenity and harmonious energies were what inspired us to set up this sanctuary in Singapore. While we may be a cafe/bar concept store, think of Going Om as a Sanctuary – where you may seek harmony, peacefulness and bliss within the confines of a refurbished shophouse tucked in the corner of eclectic Haji Lane.

The name Going Om, suggests for one to go OM.

Om has many meanings in various beliefs, and the one we adopted was, ‘The realization of GOD’, or ‘The realization of Oneself.’ When ‘HE’ comes ‘HOME’, the ‘H’ and ‘E’ goes into ‘O’ and ‘M’. Hence ‘HOME’ becomes ‘OM’. Also, it is a pun played on the English Cockney accent of ‘I’m goin’ om, mate!’, meaning ‘to go home!’.

We want people to have a space to escape from the buzzing streets and busy cosmopolitan culture of Singapore; a place where they can just be, by being themselves in this ‘public home’ and to be at ‘OM’.

Going Om is built on Universal LOVE and RESPECT. It is a place to mingle with like-minded individuals as we strive to create a more conducive environment for manifestations; for individuals, for people, and ultimately for a better world.

Come join us for food, fun, and the Arts & indulge in the alternative services we offer – including card readings, holistic healing, as well as yoga and meditation classes.

For private events reservation of upstairs, please email:


*Please note that reservations for downstairs can be made by contacting us at the following numbers about the availability of tables on the day itself.

tel: +65 6396 3592 / +65 8363 5640

For holistic services, please email:
OR send an SMS to +65 8363 5648

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